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Rabbi Yossi Marozov                   Rabbanit Suri Marozov

Rabbi Yossi Marozov was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He received his degree in Talmudic theology from Yeshivas Oholei Torah. He received his rabbinical degree – Semicha - in Melbourne Australia under the auspices of Rabbi Shrage Feitel Levin.


He received his Semicha ordination from the late Rabbi Chaim Gutnick OBM (former head of the Victoria Rabbinical Alliance), Rabbi Elye Fischer (Rosh Yeshiva Chasidei Gur, New York), and Rabbi Shrage Feitel Levin.


Throughout his years in Yeshiva, he was actively involved in outreach work. This included running numerous camps and seminars, throughout his summer vacation months, in Russia.


He also got much rabbinical and public speaking  practice, as he gave the official sermon for many years in the Synagogue  located in the Kingsbrook Jewish Hospital.


He taught himself the Russian language in order to help and do outreach to his fellow Jewish brothers and sisters in Russia.


Rabbi Marozov comes from a Russian background. His grandparents were born and raised in Russia, yet they were forced to escape because of the religious persecution under Stalin.


He is a grandson of the legendary chosid, Rabbi Mendel Marozov, and a great grandson to the legendary Chosid, Choni Marozov.




Suri Marozov (maiden name Suri Katz) was born and raised in New York. She attended Tomer Devorah School for elementary and later attended Beis Rivka high school.


She completed her religious studies in Beis Rivkah Seminary. After which, she became a teacher for Judaic studies in Be'er Hagolah high school. The school is geared for children of Russian speaking immigrant families.


It was there, that she became popular for helping and guiding many young teenage girls.


In 2005, she married Rabbi Yossi Marozov. One year later, she decided to move to Russia with her family on a mission to rebuild Jewish life. An extremely courageous step for a woman brought up in the comforts of America's largest Jewish community in Boro Park, NY.


She currently resides with her husband and six children in Ulyanovsk Russia. 












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