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Sunday, the first night of Chanuka 2021, began with a concert "On the Wings of a Dream" performed by the famous Jewish group "Nefesh" and Igor Dabakarov took place in the Governor's House of Culture In an incredibly warm atmosphere, the Ulyanovsk Jews and their friends enjoyed modern Israeli, classical Jewish, Soviet-Odessa - incomparable music! In the lobby, everyone who came could recieve Hanukkah sets, literature and treat themselves to donuts. This comes on the heels of the whole community preparing for Chanuka that same morning. The Sunday School Children learned the traditional chanuka games-dreidle, and sang songs. The women's Kollel learned all about the rules and procedures of Chanuka & recipes. The daily men's Kollol had classes leading up to Chanukah via Zoom with Rabbi Yossi Marozov. Our community center plans to hold many gatherings throughout Chanuka! Wishing all our donors & partners a very joyful Chanuka!

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