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In early February 2020, the All-Russian seminar Kolel Torah for men was held in St. Petersburg, bringing together 230 people from 45 cities of Russia.

The seminar was attended by Chief Rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar, Chief Rabbi of St. Petersburg M.-M. Pevzner, head of the Colel Tora network, Rabbi Benzion Lipsker.

The seminar was also attended by men from Ulyanovsk.

The seminar was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the date when the Seventh Lubavicher Rebbe stepped into his post.

The program included lectures, Torah lessons, a festive banquet. At the end of Saturday, dozens of Colel Torah students participated in the quiz.

To answer the questions, you had to know the content of thirteen textbooks, each of which consists of more than 300 pages! Winners received cash prizes.

One of the winners of this quiz was Mikhail Kontorovich from Ulyanovsk.

He took 2nd place.

The seminar ended with a tour of St. Petersburg and a visit to Synagogue.

Kolel Torah is an educational system established in 2014 with 100 branches to date for men and 90 for women in various CIS and European cities.

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