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Our Preschool ''Gan Nes'' has opened its doors for the 10th educational year.

At the time we encountered every possible obstacle possible, from finding the proper premises, to finding staff, to getting the well needed funding.

At first every Director we hired quit or did not work out for one reason or another, afterwards every property we found, had issues, from legally not being suitable, to practically not being suitable, or simply unaffordable.

Eventually Olga Misiura came along and with great effort found our current location, a premises with 5 rooms, (sleeping, playing, learning, dining, office, and amazing kids friendly foyer) we did all the renovations to costom build all the furniture, kitchen, etc.

Then Olga hired 4 staff (teachers, nanny, cook) and extra curricular staff (music, art, speech...)

Finally the day before the Preschool opened our 2 donors backed out....with zero funding, young Rabbi Yossi Marozov made the decision to fly every month for 2-3 days to Moscow, sleep on a mattress in the Yeshiva, and fundraise for people he does not cover the monthly expenses.

When it came the time to decide on the name, the parents all decided that there is no better name then ''Gan Nes'' which means ''Miracle Garden'' as this Preschools It all began when a group of newly religious young mothers came over to Rabbi Yossi Marozov with the request to please open an educational institution with Kosher food & Jewish religious education for our young little kids. birth was an absolute miracle.

The Preschool serves from ages 2 till 8 (first grade) it had an immense impact on the children & families who learned there over the past 10 years & now.

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