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On the first day of the new fiscal year 2019, the most wonderful, energetic, young couple moved to Ulyanovsk!!!

Rabbi Michael Rosin and his wife Rina will now serve as spiritual leaders in the Ulyanovka Jewish community.

Michael was born in Samara, (a city 250 km from Ulyanovsk), for some time he studied at the Chabad Day school and was a member of the camp of Gan Israel. As a result, he became a religious teenager as a teenager, was a youth leader and worked to bring the Light of Judaism to dozens of his peers.

The story of Rina Rosina is exactly the same, only she was born in Nizhny Novgorod, went to the Chabad day school and attended the same camp, became an active Youth leader in Nizhny Novgorod!

The last few years, Michael has devoted all his time to study the Torah in Moscow, which made him the best candidate for the service of the Ulyanovsk Jewish community!

From 2006 to 2018 in Rabbi Yosef Marozov served a chief Rabbi of Ulyanovsk region.

Together with his wife Sarah, Rabbi Yosef made an invaluable contribution to the development of the Jewish community of Ulyanovsk

Rabbi Yosef opened many religious Institutions in Ulyanovsk and in other regional cities such as Dmitrovgrad.

2007, they established our synogue and many religious & humanitarian programs

2008, they established Kosher Store and Cafe, and fully renavated the current Community Cente

2009, the Jewish Learning Institute opened, Businessmens Club, and 'Jewish Home' for woman. And the annual ''Great Winter Shabbaton'' retreat.

In 2010, kindergarten “Miracle” was opened and Evening Hebrew school “Dream”

Camp “Gan Israel” has been functioning since 2011 every summer, autumn and spring.

Our youth still enjoy: Jteen, “Eurostars”, “Magid” and “Taglit”.

The “Female Colel” programs were opened, where every Sunday more than 30 women gathered in the community building and study Torah with Rabbanit Sarah for two hours. The "Rosh Chodesh" program
Older members of the Jewish community are also not spared.

A Mens daily Kollel Torah study program was established 2012

The Rabbi Foundation worked to provide urgent material assistance to the needy, the Mazl Tov program for newborns, children and adults received food packages and gift certificates for purchasing clothes.

Under Rabbi Yosef, the Feldman Family Library was opened, the annual Calendar, the children's newspaper Mishpaha Ktan, was issued.

The Rabbi cared and offered programs for all ages and took into account the interests of each age group.

It is impossible in one article to describe everything that Rabbi Yosef did for us, the Jews of the city of Ulyanovsk. We will remain grateful to him always for his work, and dedication.


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