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In these holiday Hanukkah days in the Jewish community of Ulyanovsk life was in full swing.

The guys from EnerJew, like all Jews, were preparing to meet Hanukkah.  They prepared and decorated donuts, took candles to visit the 20 families of Ulyanovsk on the eve of Hanukkah and congratulate them on the beginning of a bright and joyful holiday.

In each house, the guys lit candles, played the traditional Jewish game Hanukkah-dreidl, sang Hanukkah songs.

Everyone was preparing for the meeting of the Feast of Light.  The Sunday school guys also worked a lot and made clay menorah with their own hands.  Decorated Donuts.

For women from Kolel, Irina Kontorovich prepared an interesting lecture on the history of the holiday, told about the rules and procedure for lighting candles.  Together, they lit the first Hanukkah candle.  Then the women waited to meet with Rabbi Yosef on Skype, where he congratulated everyone on the holiday.  This evening ended with tea and donuts.

Males from the masculine Colell also met with Rabbi Yosef on Skype, lit candles.  The rabbi gave a lecture on the history of the holiday.  The evening turned out to be warm and soulful.

And then a holiday concert was organized for the Jews of Ulyanovsk, which was organized by the chairman of the Ulyanovsk Jewish community Igor Dabakarov.  Over 1000 Jews and guests came to light Hanukkah candles and mark the beginning of the holiday of Hanukkah.

Filled with positive emotions, all the participants of the holiday went home to congratulate their relatives on Hanukkah, light Hanukkah candles and share their mood!

It is safe to say that the Chanukah lights were lit in all parts of the city of Ulyanovsk!

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