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For 9 years every day our doors are open for all little Jews and their parents. This year, 2 first-graders left the kindergarten, who went to the first grade and the children of Rabbi Yosef, who together with his family had to leave the country. For some time, our community and kindergarten were left without spiritual support.

But we do not lose heart. Thanks to the remote support of Rabbi Yosef and Rabbanit Sarah, our wonderful team works tirelessly to ensure that our kids in kindergarten are comfortable and interesting.

New change of little Jews hurried to our garden. Already in September-November, newcomers came to kindergarten, where they are taught to be friends, to play. Kids comprehend the culture of behavior in the children's team, learn self-service. In the kindergarten for children there are four meals a day, daytime rest, walks, sports and music events, holidays.

There are also classes in the development of speech, mathematics. Educators introduce kids to the outside world, acquaint themselves with artistic creativity and music. But the most important, integral part of the education of our children is the preservation of Jewish spiritual traditions, the study of Jewish culture and customs of the Jewish people.

We know that our children happily rush to kindergarten. And they, in turn, like all these years, are ready to be met every morning by wonderful tutors.


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