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Since the sad deportation of our dear Rabbi and Rabbanit Yosef and Sara Marozov our community was left without a Rabbi without a spiritual leader.

Nevertheless our community continues to thrive, thanks to a group of newly religious community members, (Ba'ale Teshuva) who took upon themselves to run the community and give classes.

Mrs and Mrs Konterovitch took upon themselves to teach the men and ladies Kollel. While Rina Konterovitch prepares 8 hours every week to give the Sunday Woman's Kollel class. Michoel teaches at the daily evening men's kollel.

The Kontorovitch family has gone a long way in their observents of Judaism, with sending the 3 oldest of their 5 children to learn in religious institutions in Moscow.

Olga Misura, the director of our Preschool and all children institutions of our community has 9 years of expirience and knowledge in Jewish studies. She took over all of the Torah classes for children.

Michoel Krivomazov, has obviously come along he was well knowledgeable and into Buddhism, has returned to his Jewish roots 12 years ago and now is the official head of the men's kollel.

Last but not least, Mr. Igor Dabakarov, the President of our community who has taken upon himself to fully run the community (Children/Teens/Youth/Ladies/pensioners clubs, holiday events, kosher store & café, dance group & musical group, social programs and much more) in addition to fully run the Synagogue services every day and Shabbat.

We have an amazing community, may we grow from strength to strength.

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