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As usuall Ulyanovsk erected one of the largest Sukkot in all of Eastern Europe.

Throughout all the days of the holiday Sukkot, members of the Ulyanovsk community, came to our large Sukah where the tea table waited, as well as Michoel and Rina Rossina, to help pronounce the blessing on four spieces and the sukkah.

Sunday, September 30, on the last day of Sukkot, a festive banquet took place in our large sukkah, where the entire community was invited.

All those who came were greeted by Mikhoel, Igor Dabakarov and volunteers from the teenage club EnerJew, welcoming guests, helping them to bless four types of plants and sit comfortably at tables.

The performance of the group “NEFESH”, the dance group “CHAVEROT”, warm words and congratulations from the trustees, representatives of other national associations of the city, made the evening really special!

By the end of the evening, the most active members of the community remained to participate in Simchat Torah.

We met the first night Akafot, dancing 7 times with the Torah.

We thank Rabbi Yossi Marozov for being so active from afar and making sure we have all our sukkot items and events in place!

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