Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

On June 6th ran our 4th annual educational campaign raising $30,000 within 30 hours to save all of our vital educational institutions!

Over 200 people donated within those 30 hours, helping us raise over $15,000 which was doubled by our matching donors to $30,000

For 12 years, we been delighted to bring classes in Judaism to the Jews in Ulyanovsk.

This past year’s hardships will not stop us!

We will continue to run our preschool, afterschool, Kollel, teens, youth & women’s clubs, camps, seminars and Shabbatons.

A group of local religious people, students of ours, have gone through training to now run and teach these projects!

A huge thank you to all those who donated from their hard earned money.

An even greater thank you to our dear matchers, Mr. Andrey Klyachkin & the Miralashvili family.

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