Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

Many people joined our Pesach Seder in the ''Hilton Hotel'' of Ulyanovsk.


This year, the main Seder hall was so full that every single seat of the Hall was occupied and booked in advance.


This years Seder was unique in many ways: the extreme level of organisation, the amount of involvement of the participants, we read loud with commentary every part of the Haggadah,  we started the Seder after complete dark and went till midnight! 


For babies and toddlers, there was a special game room with a separate festive program and nannies.


Many more families made their own Seder at home.


The staff of the community conducted a huge information work, during which any issue under the laws of Pesach was not left unanswered.


Our community only organized the first night Seder, a huge number of families held the second Seder at home.


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