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In the Ulyanovsk Jewish community, the first day of Hanukkah was held under the motto: "Dari good - light the world!"

Groups of volunteers from teenagers, youth, children, members of the Kolle and, of course, the entire Morozovs' seed went on the first day of the holiday to the homes of members of our community to congratulate them on the occasion and give presents.

Families included a lot of disabled people, sick, old people, as well as having seven children.

You have lighted candles for every house, sang songs, donated fresh donuts according to the recipe of rabbanit Sarah, and communicated with families.

But on this large-scale Hanukkah Mivzoi does not end.

During the Hanukkah days, community volunteers will continue to visit families to bring every Hanukkah atmosphere to every Jewish home, so that candles, songs and laughter will sound!

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