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VII Ulyanovsk Festival of Jewish Culture has come to an end this past Sunday, October 29th.

This was a full month long festival!


Representatives of organizations from all over Russia took part in the festival.


Within the framework of the festival, an exhibition of Israeli artists and photo artists, were held.


The famous Israeli violinist, Virtuoso Sani Kroytor, performed. The Shalom Theater, the only professional Jewish theater in Russia, performed as well.


Lovers of literature had an exhibition of books by Israeli writers and meetings with some of the authors themselves!


David Kobiashvili, the winner of the international competition of the Israeli song "Hallelujah", conducted a workshop on Israeli vocals.


Ulyanovsk central cinema had screenings of Israeli documentaries and films.


Famous speaker, Anatoly Wasserman, gave an intensive seminar on innovative technologies.


The festival was organized by community president, Mr. Igor Dabakarov, and with the support of the government of the Ulyanovsk region, the Ministry of Arts and the Ministry of Culture, the Federal Jewish National Cultural Autonomy, the Embassy of the State of Israel in the Russian Federation, and the Regional Center for Popular Culture.

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