Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

More than 200 Jews came to celebrate the Jewish new year and hear the shofar.


The celebration started on the eve of Rosh ha Shana on the evening of September 20.


This year, services in the days of the holiday took place in the hall of the business center “Hotel Crown” where all who came for morning and evening prayer, was organized a coffee break.


The same people received holiday gifts with a wish of a sweet year.


After the morning prayer, they went to the Volga river, the rite of passage Tashlich.


Days after Rosh ha Shana, is known as the 10 days of repentance. At this time it is customary to do the ritual of ''Kaporot'', which was held at our center.


This years Rosh Hashono prayers and speeches was conducted  by Rabbi Heshke Raskin and his new wife who is originally from Ulyanovsk.

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