Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

So three weeks ended in the most cheerful camp of Gan Isroel Ulyanovsk!

It is already becoming a new tradition to open a camp prepared by the teenage club Enerjew. This year it was held in a tourist center, with the participation of a special guest of the p. Yeshua Raskin.

In addition to studying the history, traditions and customs with Rabbi Yosef Marozov, the children visited an attraction park, a hand-held zoo, a theater, they played in Lasertag, they rode on maps in the Carte Hall, tried on various professions in Minopolis and many other things.

Throughout the camp, children earned dollar points, which they cashed in the camp of the souvenir shop. Also, children earned “tickets”, with the help of which, the guys took part in the lottery to draw prizes.

With bright impressions and positive charge, the children went to summer!

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