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In the framework of the EuroStars project more than a thousand youth ages 18 to 28 years from 45 cities of Russia, including Ulyanovsk traveled Europe flying a plan, riding a cruise, and buses.

Spain, Sardinia, nice, Monaco, Milan, and Poland.

The students visited the cities were once centers of Jewish life, visited ancient synagogues and the Jewish quarters.

One of the highlights of the trip was the completion of a Torah scroll dedicated to the youth of Russia.

The Grand event took place in Monaco.

During the writing of the scroll, the young people could purchase for a nominal fee a letter or a line.

At the end of the cruise with EuroStars students visited Auschwitz, as of the eve of May 9th Victory day.

1000 students took part of March of Life. former prisoner of Auschwitz – Mrs. Batsheva Friedman addressed the youth of Russia, and told the story of his life.

Eurostars is a project where youth in every city of Russia and the C.I.S. attend weekly Torah classes at their community after which they are rewarded a trip to Europe.

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