Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

200 Jews filled the the halls of the ”Hilton” hotel at the first Passover Seder.

Tow gorgeous ballrooms were rented in order make the Seder convenient – 100 people per Seder.

In one room was a family Sader, for those who came with children – it was led by Ephraim Yarmak.

The second hall is for the esteemed aduld community members that was led by Chief Rabbi of Ulyanovsk – Yosef Marozov.

A special playroom with babysitters were available for the babies and toddlers.

For the second night, we also had 2 sedoroim 1- A special Kolel Seder, that was held in the community cafe, for all members of the men’s and woman’s Kollel, attended by about 40 Kolel families. 2- a Bukharian Seder was held for all our board members and their families and Bukharian famileis  – also attedned by 40 people.

This is besides the many family home Seders… as our community held a great holiday awareness project this year, explaining all how to prepare their homes for Pesach and how to conduct their very own family seder!

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