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12 Tevet yesterday my dear uncle Rabbi Mordechai Belinov, the most senior Chabad rabbi and halachic authority in France, passed away.

He was 78.

Rabbi Belinow was born in the Chassidic village of Klimovitch in Russia and was able to escape the country with his family in 5707.

They settled in Paris, where he met the Rebbe for the first time and enrolled in the famed Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim Lubavitch in the town of Brunoy.

His teachers, Rabbi Nissan Neminov and Rabbi Yisroel Noach Belinitzky, reported to the Rebbe about his dedicated studies. The Rebbe instructed that he spend his time learning practical halacha.

After marrying Sheina Rivka, daughter of R’ Chanan Levin, the Rebbe instructed him to travel to the city of Marrakech in Morocco, and study to become a shochet. During his time there he delivered a daily shiur to locals.

On the holiday of Purim in 5721, Moroccan authorities accused Rabbi Belinow of engaging in forbidden “Zionist activities” and he was banned from the country back to France.

Once he returned, Rabbi Belinov started working for France’s Chief Rabbinate was later appointed as the head shochet for the organization. He also taught in the Brunoy Yeshiva where he was once educated.

The Rebbe highly regarded Rabbi Belinov and his halachic knowledge and integrity. One comment the Rebbe made in 5724 when two institutions had a dispute was that they should turn to him because his rulings an “absolute psak halacha.”

In 5748 Rabbi Belinow was appointed as deputy head of the Committee of Lubavitch Rabbis in Paris, as well serving as the Rabbi and head of the Chabad institutions in Aubervilliers, France.

May his soul rest in “Gan Eden”, May we merit speedily for the resurrection of the dead with him among’s them.

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