Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

The Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk has introduced a new course aimed at adults interested in pursuing an intensive Jewish education in a short period of time. This latest initiative rounds out a series of educational initiatives that are already regularly offered by the Jewish community of Ulyanovsk. This one, however, is particularly advantageous for those individuals who have limited free time and a genuine interest in Jewish culture and traditions.

This six-week ‘express course’ presents the opportunity to learn about the fundamental Jewish traditions, religion, history, philosophy, and ethics. They will discover various books useful in establishing their own personal Jewish library, learn about the Jewish calendar, the order of services held in the Synagogue, and the cycle of life – from birth through to death. Lectures will be offered by Rabbis and other lectures from Ulyanovsk and nearby cities in the region.
“The sessions are going so well that as soon as the current group of students complete their studies, we will immediately commence a new course for a new group,” commented Rabbi Yossi Marozov, the Chief Rabbi of Ulyanovsk.

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