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From the 23-25 December, our community held its traditional – the seventh – Great Chanukah Shabbaton!

This years Shabbaton was held in a new resort for us, a very beautiful place – resort “Dubrava” near the town of Dimitrovgrad.

More than 80 Jews had a unique opportunity to observe the Sabbath and kashrut, and to enhance their knowledge about Judaism.

Three groups participated in SHABBATON: 1- teenagers from EnerJew project; 2- youth, (students from our EuroStars project), 3- Women, (our Women’s Kollel).

We always strive to make our program the most interesting and high quality, so we invited the best lecturers. At this year’s Shabbaton three great lectures, Rabbis from Israel were invited!!

1-for the first time ever to Ulyanovsk, the most noted famous lecturer Rabbi Alexander Pruchansky (Israel).

2- Already a favorite with our community Rabbi Yehoshua Raskin (Israel).

3- young Rabbi (a Shliach Chinuch of Enerjew), Azariah Shaulov (Moscow).

The SHABBATON program was very intense. Classes were going one after the other.

A special Chanukah house was set up, inside were conducted master classes in baking Challah, designing doughnuts, and building each their personal Menorah.

Many dreidel games, contests and, of course, farbrengens took place!!

A Great banquat took place Saturday night, the first night of Chanukah! In adition to the 80 participates of the Shabbaton, additional Jews from Dmitrovgras joined us for this evening.

We Began with the the Havdalah ceremony, with song and music by our community president Mr. Igor Dabakarov.

Followed by a huge ceromonal chanukah lighting, where we lit over 60 Menorah’s.

Thereafter began the grand banquet, with delicious kosher food, contests, concert and a disco performance.

Rabbi Yosef Marozov handed the  children of Dmitrovgrad with a gift card to ”Gloria Jeans” clothing chain store” to buy themselves nice new clothes! This was funded by “Keren Edidut”.

It was so inspiring to celebrate Chanukkah in a warm and friendly atmosphere under the light of hundreds of candles!


Chag Chanukah Sameach!

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