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Although a small community, the Jews of Dmitrovgrad make sure to gather for each holiday, this Sukkot was no different.

The small crowd gathered at their usual location and mingled as they awaited the arrivel of Rabbi Yossi Marozov to travel in 140 kilometres from Ulyanovsk.

Like every year the Ulyanovsk delegation arrived with a traveling pop-up Sukkah tent, and the 4 species.

The evening began with inspiring words of Rabbi Marozov, who explained in detail the meaning of the 3 Mitzvot of this holiday: 1- eat in Sukkah, 2- blessing on the four species, 3- joyfulness.

The crowd formed a line outside where young Shliach 10 years old Shloimy Marozov made the blessing on the Lulov with all.

Afterwards each individiual went into the tiny Sukkah where they were greeted by 8 years old Dovi Marozov who kindly handed each person a piece of cake and made with them the blessing on the Sukkah!

The evening continued on with truly lively dancing to modern Jewish music.

Dmitrovgard is located in Ulyanovsk region and is one of the sub communities of the Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk.

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