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It has become a community tradition to celebrate Sukkot each year with a huge banquet/concert/and dancing on one of the middle days of Sukkot. Usually on the Sunday of Chol Hamoed Sukkot (Sunday being convinenet, Chol Hamoed being able to play music as opposed to Yom Tov)

But the first night was usually ignored….only a small crowed joined our Sukkas meal.

But according to the Torah the first night is the most significant of all nights of Sukkot for actually eat in the Sukkah, which is why this year some 100 Jews gathered for a nice meal the first night of Sukkot. (In edition to our annual grand Sukkot banquat/concert to be held Sunday the last day of Sukkot).

The meal was held in high spirits, with Lechayims, delicious food, singing, greetings and a very festive feeling.

The meal was held in our huge Sukkah that could hold up to 300 people, but this year our Sukkah had an upgrade: infocratic heaters to held heat the people with the weather being minus 3 celsius.

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