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It was simply awsome to see what was taking place this past Sunday, the Sunday before Yom Kippur, at our Center.

As is our community custom for the past 10 year’s, the Sunday before Yom Kippur is when we run the Kapparot ritual.

It has also already become an established tradition that on this same Sunday, many volunteer to build our Mega Large Sukkah, (which accommodates 250 people!).

But this year was very special, aside for the many attendees for Kapporot, one could observe a new trend in our community, to date nearly 100 Jews attend every single Sunday varuous ongoing weekly Torah classes.

10:00am Begins our Men’s Kollel, followed by 11:00 Sunday School, 12:00 Youth club/Torah class, 1:00 Women’s Kollel and 2:00 Teenagers club. (Nearly 100 people in total every single Sunday)

It was an amazing site too see, a community majorly involved in Jewish life.

At one point you could observe in the yard of our community, over 30 youth building the Sukkah, while many men and ladies were performing Kapparot, while yet other’s were doning Tefilin or just conversing with the Rabbi.

Rabbi Yosef Marozov handed to each person completing the Kapparot Reitual a piece of honey cake, with the wishes of ”A good and sweet year”.

Before performing Kapparot each Man was offered to don Tefilin, of course many Men had a chance to once again perform the Mitzvah pf Tefilin!

It was a very special day for 18 year old Leonid S. (who traveled especially 2 hours from the City of Dmitrovgard), it was his first time in his life to don Tefilin!!! Leonid promised to travel in every Sunday (2 hours each way!) to attend our youth club/Torah class!

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