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Exactly 8 years ago, on the eve of Roche Hashona, our first Synagogue has been established. This year, in honor of the Jewish New year, we want to share fine news with pride.

We have made serious repairs and have finished a long-awaited reconstruction of our tiny Synagogue on the second floor of the Ulyanovsk Jewish community Center.

The new renovations include, a new warm design, new chandeliers, polished floors, straightend walls and ceiling.

Special new furniture made out of natural handmade wood, with the goal to miraculously and wisefully double the space in our tiny Synogogue (from 22 seats to 42)…

In addition the foyer entering the Synogogue was decorated with a beautiful large ”Magen David” on a replica of the ”Wailing wall”.

The foyer also includes a 24 hour tea/snack stand. A very important addition for the many people coming to pray early morning, or arriving for a Torah class in the evening, after work.

We would like to thank all of our Donors for this amazing renovations.

The first festive service in a new Synagogue is planned for day of repentance – Yom-Kipur, on October 11.

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