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Thanks to the Jewish youth educational Yahad platform, Aliza Palamarchuk’s dream came true, to visit New York on a spiritual trip to the Lubavicher Rebbe’s holy Ohel.

The trip gave the chance to depart from the ordinary and to plunge into the atmosphere of spirituality.

The travel took place with 16 on 22 elul, with a busy schedule and a great variety of excursions!

Girls visites Manhattan, Washington, Baltimore, and the most important to visit Lubavichee Rebbe’s grave.

Each day the girls got ro meet and listen to inspirational talks with great religious personalities and Rabbi’s

Aliza came back home under great impression:

“I will never forget this trip! From the first day I was captured by mysterious forc which continued all week. ”Never before in my life, did I feel such strong religious connection. To me the huge number of Jews from different corners of the world met, and I understood what we are the great and strong in spirit people! It is heavy to allocate the brightest impression, but the culmination of a trip fell on visit of a grave of Lubavitcher Rebbe!

I never experienced such emotions. In air there is an inexpressible aura as though it still here, near us! I prayed for the relatives and and my future! I am very glad that became a part of this spiritual trip! Also I thank organizers and sponsors, including our co-sponsor Rabbi Yossi Marozov”


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