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Our 8th annual personal community calendar has just arrived fresh off the press, just in time for Rosh Hashono.

This years calendar is dedicated to the 10th year since the arrival of Rabbi Yossi and Suri Marozov.

In honor of 10 years of great accomplishments it was decided that every single month jn the upcoming year shall represents one year of our community’s accomplishments over the past 10 year’s.

For example: November corrosponds to 5767 (2006-2007) the first year of Rabbi Yossi and Sara’s arrival, outlining all the projects and instructions that have been accomplished that year….

December corrospondes to 5768, showing pictures of that years accomplishments. January shows 5769 and so on…..

The first month shows all of the accomplishments before the Rabbi’s arrival ”1990-2006”, and the last month shows our future plans…

This calendar was designed and prepared with much love and hard work, over 1,000 copies were printed enough for each Jewish home in Ulyanovsk.

Calendars are gifted free of charge on ”Rosh Hashoho”.

Wishing all ”Shana Tova”

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