Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

Chai Elul – 18 Elul marks a significant day for our Rabbi Yosef Marozov, and for all community in general!

This was the day that the Rabbi moved with his family to Ulyanovs exactly 10 years ago, the beginning of an important and long way!

Over this 10 years great work was done! Thousands of Jews were found from all over the city and its vicinties, they were intigrated into ccommunity life.

So coincided that this day were born the legendary ”Ball Shem Tov” and the ”Alter Rebbe”.

A festive evening, a spiritual ”Farbreingen” for ”men”took place in our Kosher Cafe.

In honor of this great event, the Rabbi Yosef did Siyum (termination) of the Tractate Talmud “Nazir”.

We appreciate this support and we express huge gratitude, for such amicable cheerful company!

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