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Finally grand opening of a new season of teen club “EnerJew”!!!

“EnerJew” – is a club for teenagers aged 13 to 17 years, who have grown out of Sunday school and not yet a part of our youth club.

The teens who came to the opening were awaiting for a lot of surprises. Opening apeech and the sounds of the Shofar by Rabbi Yosef Marozov.

The teens watched the informative video, “the Sabbath” and participate in fun contests and got Souvenirs with symbols of ”EnerJew”.

There was prepared a Banquet on the occasion of the ”Bat Mitzva” of Alisa Minakova. Kosher table with delicious food, Birthday cake, gifts and congratulations from friends family! The birthday girl has made a commitment to light Shabbat candles!

The teens went home in a good mood and with an exciting spirit awaiting there upcoming weekly gatherings.

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