Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

Our community was so lucky this month to celebrate the Bat Mitzva of Yocheved Dabarakov, the daughter of our beloved President of our community Igor Dabakarov.

Bas Mitzva is when a girl (age 12) reaches adulthood according to Jewish Tradition.

The literal translation of Bat Mitzva is ”Daughter of commandments” because from this day on she is obligated to fullfil all of God’s commandments.

In honor of the event we completely Kashered the commercial kitchen of ”Hotel Imperial”, at the event Yocheved’s mother Rita (Esther Hadasah) and Father greeted a close group of family and friends.

In edition a special Event was held at our community center for Yocheved for the wider community!

We wish Yocheved she should grow up to be a true soldier in God’s army, by serving the almighty and observing his Mitzvot.

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