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So ended our 6th annual summer children’s day camp Gan Israel Ulyanovsk. Which is always held for 3 weeks during June.

In addition to studying the history, traditions and customs, the children made crafts played many games, sports, competitions, races, quizzes, and traveled almost daily to parks and excursions.

Excursions includes: the Dinosaur Park, the zoo, Einstein Museum, Youth theatre, Go-karts, amusement park, “Adrenaline” rope course, and a ferry ride!

Crafts included: stuffed toys, baking Challa, buns, and cookies, planted flowers, beads, candlesticks for the Sabbath, and the star of David.

As in previous years, Rabbi Yossi Marozov personally taught the morning classes for children.

The counselors were all members of our teenagers club ”EnerJew”.

EnerJew day, was a full fun day organized by the coeordinators of our teens club ”EnerJew”, On that day, the children took part in many competitions, and games, they received prizes.

Throughout the camp children to earn play money that can be cashed in the camp souvenir shop.

Of course, the children were very sorry that the camp ended, but the summer is not over, many kids are eagerly awaiting the our overnight camp in Samara, which is being organized by our community in conjunction with other communities of the greater Volga regions.

Special thanks goes to our day camp director Olga Misura, and to Rabbanit Sara who wrote the camp schedule and themes.

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