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Last Sunday, our community celebrated an important holiday – Shavuot – the day of giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai!

Traditionally on this day to listen to the 10 Commandments, and all the Jews commit themselves to learn Torah.

We were lucky that the second year in a row on this holiday to us comes a unique guest, a famous lecturer, Rabbi Yehoshua Raskin from Israel.

On Saturday evening, when the holiday of Shavuot begins, 15 people, together with Rabbi Raskin and Rabbi Yosef Marozov studied Torah until the morning!

On Sunday, we held our seventh annual Torathon (Torathon – is a marathon which assumes a lot of lectures in a row). We made it possible for people to learn Torah all day!

In the afternoon we held our 10th consecutive Shavuot event: we read the 10 commandments from the Torah, followed by an amazing Italian dairy Buffet. With various exotic cuisines by Rebbetzin Suri Marozov.

The next day, Yizkor memorial prayer, in which the number of participants exceeded 50 people in our little synagogue!

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