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Three months ago Ulyanovsk was lucky to begin hosting a new project ”Maggid”, each month a Russian speaking Maggid (Itinerary preacher) will arrive from Moscow, Israel etc. To give a lecture to our youth. This project is sponsored by youth movement ”Yachad”.
In addition to the youth other categorical groups in the community (I.e. woman’s Kollel, Businessmen club etc) will also receive a lecture when the Maggid arrives!

This past week Rabbi Shimon Linev, criminal lawyer and Rabbi of the Georgian Synagogue in Moscow arrived! The youth just loved his lecture!

After the youth he was invited to the house of one of our Businessmen who was hosting the monthly business club farbreingen in his home. The Gathering was in honor of Mr. Loshenko taking upon himself to begin putting on Tefilin every day!

Rabbi Linev pointed out, that although he is too busy to read all of his emails, he eagerly awaits our monthly news updates, he makes sure to read about all the amazing stuff going on in Ulyanovsk!

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