Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

The summer begins now, many children have outgrown their last years Summer clothes, but few families in Ulyanovsk could truly afford to buy their children the full wardrobe needed for the summer!

Thanks to the ”fellowship foundation” over one hundred families received certificates to buy nice trendy clothes for their families in Russia’s largest famous family clothing chain store “Gloria Jeans”.

This year Rabbi Yossi Marozov lobbied to extend this program for the families of the city Dmitrovgrad, a city in Ulyanovsk Oblast.

In total nearly a half million Rubles ($8,000) worth of Certificates was handed out this May!

This is of course in addition to a similar amount of food handed out to families before Pesach in the month of April.

We truly thank our donor’s at the humanitarian fund ”the Jewish Christian Fellowship Foundation”, and its coordinator in Russia ” Fund Or Avner”.

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