Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

Friday morning the guest arrived to the nicest cabin resort in Ulyanovsk, after receiving their rooms, they gathered in a grand hall called the ”Chanukah House” in their they had a master class watching fresh pressed olives, learning how olive oil is actually made!

This was followed by a host of fun workshops in the ”Chanukah House” Workshops included: 1- make your own Menorah 2- decorate candles, 3- bake Challah, 4- decorate cookies and doughnuts, 5- driedle keychains!

At 3:00pm begins the winter Shabbat in Ulyanovsk, nearly one hundred Chanukah Menorah’s and Shabbos candles were lit! Each participant receiving a present of Chanukah Chocolate from Chief Rabbi to Ulyanovsk – Yossi Marozov.

Lecture, Kabbalat Shabbat and a grand meal was lead by Rabbi Yehushaya Raskin – from Israel.

Friday late at night we had a Chanukah Casino, where we played various driedle games and enjoyed doughnuts and latkes.

Shabbos morning buffet breakfast was followed by a lecture, prayers and the reading of 3 Sifrei Torah! in honor of 1-Shabbat, 2-Chanukah, 3- Rosh Chodesh.

Saturday night a grand Havdalah ceremony and candle lighting was followed with a grand banquet and concert with life musicians from Petersberg!

This event was partially sponsored by fond «Meromim».

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