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As our community is growing, so are our many Children and you programs, although we have a great Staff running all of these programs, we are deeply missing in our community religious teachers and mentors who can teach tradition to our children and youth.

This is is why the Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk is proud to announce a new project, beginning from this September we joined a program sponsored by the “Israeli Agency for the diaspora” which will be sending to our community volunteers, every few months a new group of 2 volunteers.

As of September we were lucky to have Mushka and Nechomo as our volunteers, they begin their day in our kindergarten, tutor children one on one during the day, and are active in our Sunday and afternoon school. They also arranged a shabbos program for the children who attend Synagogue, and are involved with the youth and teenagers.

This is yet another project that will surely strengthen our community!

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