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The Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk is working around the clock to prepare for the most active Chanukah ever!

1-The first night of Chanukah we will host a major limousine parade, our youth and children will rise around town with Menorah lighten limousines to get the message across to all.

2-We are also planing for the first night of Chanukah a major concert, in a hall that can seat 900 people.

3-Every evening of Chanukah we will have a raffle for whomever sends in by email or places on fa Facebook a picture of them lighting the Menorah!

4- for the week before chanuka we are having an awareness campaign, by calling up many who don’t usually attend the community and telling them how to actually celebrate Chanukah.

5- great Chanukah Shabaton, For he Friday and Shabbos of Chanukah we will be hosting a Shabbaton for 100 people!

This event will in include a carnival, classes, workshops, farbreingens, dreidel casino, and a grand banquet/concert!

6- the last day of Chanukah every group will celebrate their own party, (businessmen club, youth club, ladies club, club pensioners… )

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