Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

This November our community is celebrating 5 years since the opening of the first Jewish Preschool ”Gan Nes”, meaning Miracle Kindergarten.

The opening of this Kindergarten was a true miracle, it took many months to open up our doors, during which we encountered every type of obstacle one can only imagine.

We also established our preschool at a time when the community had absolutely no money, with no organisations or official donors willing to sponsor this its a true miracle that we when ahead with it!

The day we opened we had to pick a name for our new historical Preschool, parents and staff alike all unanimously agreed that establishing this Preschool is a true Miracle, and its future survival will also be on miracles!

I honor of this occasion parents and children gathered for a nice event, commemorating 5 year’s!

We, the Jews of Ulyanovsk, thank the almighty for helping us, and we beseech the one above to continue helping us with raising our Children to be true believing Jews.

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