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A new and exciting monthly event has just been launched in Ulyanovsk, the last Thursday of every month we will hold a night of Chassidic music at the Jewish Center.

With singer Shlomo Nizzin from Israel, participants will have the unique opportunity to learn many Chassidic Niggunim (Melodies) with live music!

Participants receive a sheet with Nigunim, its translation, and small historic explanation, every Melody is explained by Singer Shlomo, when and how to sing it, with its Chassidic origin and meaning, after which its song together with live music.

For the first evening the crowd enjoyed learning 5 new Chasidic Nigunim! Aside from singing participants enjoyed the nicely decorated room with fresh tea table and refreshments.

We still did not find a donor for this unique monthly event, if you would like to donate please go to:

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