Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

On Sunday, October 4, about 300 Jews from Ulyanovsk gathered, in one of the biggest Sukkot in Russia, to celebrate two large and very important holidays – Sukkot and Simchat Torah!
The celebration began with a speech by Rabbi Yosef Marozov. He greeted the guests and spoke about the commandments of the holiday. An extraordinary concert followed! A well known singer and musician, Shlomo Nizin, was flown in from Israel. At the concert, our dance group “Chaverot” and the vocal ensemble “Constellation” performed! It was very lively, with lots of singing and dancing.
After the concert was a short break, during which the women lit candles, and the men took part in the evening prayer, maariv.
We then celebrated Simchat Torah, during which everyone was dancing with the Torah, singing and having fun. A delicious hot buffet and bar table were set up in the sukkah.

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