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The Sunday before Yom Kippur was an extremely active day at the Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk, looking back one must say Wow, some random day turns out to be a very active day at our Center.

The day began with:
kapparot for hundreds.
Each participant who came for Kapparor recieved a piece of honey cake with a blessing from the Rabbi.
Many also took the oppurtunity to don Tefilin.

During this same day
three people had a Bris performed by famous Mohel Mordechai Tzvi Solomon.

During this day, we also held our regular:
Stars youth class and evening Kollel Torah.

Also throughout the day our youth volunteered to build the Sukkah!

In the evening we slaughtered and Koshered the chickens, participants from the Kollel had the opportunity to learn about the process of Kosher meat, and also the opportunity to perform yet another Mitzva – covering the blood with a blessing.

May God Almighty see how much his children love his Mitzvos and grant his children here in Ulyanovsk and all over the world a sweet and good year.

A year of health, happiness, children, and financial stability.

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