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An evening Kollel opens up in Ulyanovsk!

Recently our community took part in a project to raise money for the opening of an educational institutions for the study of the Torah. We won, and from the beginning of September we have began our daily “Kollel Torah”!

A group of 20 people join me every single evening in learning Torah

Each day of the week we learn a different theme (Talmud, Mishna, Halacha, Torah, Chasidus)

A coffee table is with tea, coffee and biscuits is set up before the lecture, as those arriving from work might be tired and hungry….

Thanks to the Kollel we now hove a daily evening prayer service – ma’arive in our Synogogue!

We hope this daily Kollel will last for many years to come!

Every month the most active students will receive a scholarship!

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