Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

For the first time ever, there was a Jewish parade in Ulyanovsk! Lag B’omer this year was two days before May 9th – Victory day. This year we celebrate 70 years since we won the Nazis.
In honor of Lag B’omer and Victory Day, the Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk arranged a parade and concert in “Park Pabeda” – Victory park.
The event started with a band playing live music, followed by speakers commemorating Lag B’omer and Victory Day. Next we had children reciting Torah psukim word for word and the crowd repeating after them. We had three singers, from our community, entertain the crowd with various popular songs.
When the concert finished, participants raised banners depicting famous mitzvot and proudly marched with them along the parks main walkway. Leading the way was a professional drum band.
The parade ended with a BBQ and competitive games.

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