Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

Our community had the honor to host the esteemed Rabbi Heshke Raskin for a series of lectures and farbrengens on the topic of Pesach, 

Rabbi Raskin spoke to the children of our Pre Pesach Camp and Sunday school. He held a nice Friday night farbrengen/meal with our youth, that went on for many hours! On Shabbos day, Rabbi Raskin spoke about Pesach and related tales of his sacrifice to keep Judaism under communist Russia, especially various holidays like Pesach. 

Sunday evening, our board of trustees gathered at the home of Mr. Alexander Nikoleiovitch Loshenko. He hosted the board with a lavish Kosher meal and many hours of religious discussion and debate with Rabbi Heshke Raskin.

Our community felt inspired by these last few days with our dear guest.

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