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This years Purim was extremely exciting for our community! The event took place at the Ulyanovsk Philharmonic hall. 
The evening began with  participants receiving masks and graggers in the main lobby. The children were thrilled to have their faces painted, which added to the festive environment.
The concert began with our local Jewish dance troupe “Chaverot”, followed by the reading of the Megillah by our dear Rabbi Yosef Marozov. When the crowd heard the name haman, the hall erupted in loud booming noise.
After the reading of the Megillah was completed, the crowd enjoyed a concert performed by over 30 musicians! Yes, 30 musicians from the “Derzhava Orchostra”. 
When the concert was over, the crowd was escorted to a grand banquet hall where a hot buffet with delicious food was waiting for them. During the buffet, there was live dance music, a bar, and lots of laughter as people made L’chaims and gave each other the traditional Purim gifts of food and donated money to the poor. 
During this event, all participants have fulfilled the four obligations of Purim. (1-festive meal, 2- hear the Megillah, 3- give presents of food to a friend, 4- money to at least 2 poor people) 
L’chayim for all the Jews in Ulyanovsk! 

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