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On the eve of 18 Elul, (September 12, 2014) the Ulyanovsk Jewish Community and the Community of Chistaya Prudi neighborhood in Moscow have become partners and are now “brother communities”.
The event celebrating this partnership began on Friday afternoon, with the attendance of many community members who flew in from Ulyanovsk, local community members, the chief Rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berel Lazar, and other important figures.
At the initiation of the event, the Chief Rabbi spoke of the importance of communities joining together to help each other out, and although the concept of brother communities are popular around the world, this is the first time that two communities from within Russia have joined together like this.
Rabbi Shmulik Kuperman of Chistaya Prudi spoke of the fact that Ulyanovsk is a more experienced community then theirs and the Jewish Center of Chistaya Prudi has lots to learn from Ulyanovsk, and Ulyanovsk could gain a lot from the big city mentality that prevails at Chistaya Prudi.
Igor Dabakarov thanked our largest donor, Mr Oleg Feldman, who originated in Ulyanovsk and since moving to Moscow, not only has he been involved in the establishing of the community of Chistaya Prudi, but was recently elected President of the community.
An official document was signed by Chief Rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berl Lazar, Rabbi Yosef Marozov of Ulyanovsk and Rabbi Shmulik Kuperman of Chistaya prudi.
After the official ceremony, the guests davened Kabbalat shabbat and enjoyed a delicious Shabbat dinner that continued till 3:00 am.
Our guests from Ulyanovsk stayed on to spend the remainder of Shabbat with our brother congregation. On Sunday Morning, we drove to the town of Lubavitch to pray for a sweat new year for all the Jewish people living in Ulyanovsk, Chistaya Prudi and around the globe.
It’s most interesting to note that the 18th of Elul is the day Rabbi Yosef and Suri Marozov arrived to Ulyanovsk 8 years ago.

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