Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

The children of our community have spent a memorable time at “Gan Yisroel” day camp. 
The schedule of the day included learning Jewish tradition and history, doing crafts, activities, baking and playing fun games. The children went on various exciting excursions such as; go-karting, extreme park “Adrenaline”, amusement park, boat riding, paint-ball and much more! 
This year, Rabbi Yosef himself spent every morning teaching the children. 
JJ Hecht, everyone’s favorite counselor, came all the way from America to join the camp. Incidentally, all the counselors this year, were  from the Ulyanovsk teenagers club “J-teen”. 
Camp was lots of fun! Every day was filled with excitement, singing, and cheering. The only complaint that the campers had was that camp was too short.

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