Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

On August 5th, Ulyanovsk had the honor to host the Mitzvah Mobile! The Mitzvah Mobile traveled throughout Russia to encourage Jews who are not yet fully connected to their roots to become more connected, one good deed at a time!
Many from our community walked into the Mitzvah Mobile to purchase Jewish books, Tefilin, Mezuzahs or simply to ask questions about Jewish life!
Their one day in Ulyanovsk was a tremendous success! They koshered a Jewish family’s kitchen, gave moral support to a young man who had a bris that day, and showed the beauty of Yiddishkeit to many.
Kudos to the young Yeshivah students on the Mitzva Tank – Mendy Lazar, Dan Zlatopolsky, and Yona Khavatov!

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