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March 25th at sundown begins the holiday of Pesach. Our community is in full swing preparing for Pesach. Much has been done. Every member of the community is involved in cleaning and getting rid of Chametz. After cleaning the kitchen in the cafe, the kitchen was Kashered and lined with silver foil.
On Thursday, Rabbi Yosef Marozov gave a lecture about Pesach. On Sunday, the women’s club had their monthly program. As part of the program, the Rabbi spoke to the women about the historic significance of the holiday and its traditions. On the same day, the kids rehearsed a Pesach song and made beautiful drawings that they prepared for the holiday. They also were taught the history and traditions of Pesach.
A lot of people came to buy matzah, wine and grape juice which came with instructions on how to prepare the home for Pesach , what’s allowed and forbidden on Pesach and how to make the Seder. Over a half a ton of matzah and grape juice were sold! 
Over 200 families came to sell their Chometz. 
All day and night people are calling the Jewish Community Center and the Rabbi to find out the proper way to keep this special holiday.
Over 100 poor families received food packages, and nearly 70 children are receiving $125 certificates to buy clothes for the holidays. 
Sunday night, the 24th of March, a group of youth, together with our American guests, did the traditional “bedikat Chametz” – a thorough checking of the Jewish Center for Chametz! 

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