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This past Sunday, October 14th, the Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk has arranged a grand business conference for Jewish businessmen from neighboring cities and regions to get to know each other, and each other’s businesses, with the hope that some may make valuable contacts to expand their businesses.
Boruch Hashem, the conference was very successful! There were businessmen from Ulyanovsk, Dmitrovgrad, Kazan and Penza. It began in the conference hall of Hotel Volga, with each attendee announcing their name, their business and their future desired plans. Many questions were asked and answered. Afterwards the attendees were invited to a diner at Cafe Jerusalem, where they enjoyed a delicious catered meal. During the meal, they each shared Jewish anecdotes and thoughts.
Interestingly, throughout the whole conference, the businessmen were asking their counterparts from other cities: how is Jewish life in your city? What is the structure of your community? How are people donating? It seems that this conference did not only strengthen the needs of individuals, but also each ones connection to their community.

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