Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

Over 30 Jews have gathered at the public library of Dmitrovgrad to celebrate the festival of Sukkot, although there is no synagogue or Rabbi in Dmitrovgrad, a nice delegation has arrived from Ulyanovsk to do the Mitzvos of Lulav and Esrog with the people, accompanied with a Pop up Sukkah, where all the attendees were served delicious home made chocolate cake!
The crowd was extremely enthusiastic, the event included games, discussions and dancing, at the event everyone received the newly published calendar for the Ulyanovsk Region. Many people have requested to have Mezuzah’s affixed in their homes! two men have even requested help to purchase a  pair of Tefilin!
Dmitrovgard is a city situated in the Ulyanovsk Region of Russia, they have established a community nearly one year ago, over this past year they have celebrated all the Jews holidays, they run a Sunday school for small children!

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